Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ahhh to be at the Beach

Glorious...just glorious
 So about this time TWO years ago (really has it been THAT long?!?!) I was pretty excited cause I had experienced for the first time receiving a bonus on my paycheck for hitting my budget as a manager at Starbucks and I realize while some girls would want to go shopping and spend ridiculous amounts on jeans or handbags- I on the other hand decided to go all out and told Patrick we were going to go on a his mind he was thinking something in the Pacific Northwest like...Seattle, Portland, Missoula...but I decided it was high time we went somewhere exotic so I found an amazing deal on flights to St.John in the Virgin Islands and bought them :) Needless to say I didn't really Think through this purchase because his first was "Wow babe...sounds like fun (to say his voice was hesitant surprised and excited all at the same time would be an understatement) where are we staying when we get there??"  to which my response was.."oh yeah.....somewhere to somewhere to sleep....hmmm...I haven't got that far yet." I immediately starting looking up places to stay which it came to as a shock to me that hotels in the V.I run about $250 a NIGHT. That means with our budget we could stay in a hotel for two nights and the streets for the other five :) But me, being the frugal gal that I am, convinced him we should throw caution to the wind and go camping at one of the national parks on the island. Since we both love camping it seemed like the best option. Now just so you all get a visual, I mean camping as in showers that are outdoor and only have cold water at a communal bathhouse (men and women did have seperate stalls don't worry none of that hippie stuff), a picnic table for our dining area and a little plot to set up our tent. After selling Patrick on this idea his final question was "So what do we do if it rains" to which I responded "Babe- of course I factored that in- according to the weather channel website St.John recieves less than a 1/4 inch of rain in the whole month of March so the likelihood of that happening is slim to none." (You all see where this is going right?!?) Well we get there, it's gorgeous. We fall asleep to the sounds of waves crashing and enjoying our little piece of paradise. Now it is important to mention that when we got there it was BEAUTIFUL and the pictures of the place did it no justice. Day 3 comes and we hear there should be some rain which you are in the tropics so rain is just part of life but we are thinking it will rain for MAYBE a couple hours then back to sunshine and smiles. Oh no. How wrong were we. It started raining all right...but it was MONSOON rain that didn't stop for 3 DAYS. To sum up the rest of the trip lets just say we both perfected our Rummy game, Patrick taught me how to play poker, and we read ALOT of books (as in I read six books haha) Now you might be wondering why are we talking about this two years later? Well because right now I look outside and there is snow in my backyard, the temperature is in the 20's, and despite the pouring rain on our beach vacation- we were none the less at the beach and now we can look back and smile at our paradise vacation gone wrong. :) What I would give to be at a beach right now......

Our luxurious kitchen :)
Our tent setup :)
My Rummy winnings- cause clearly gambling with Jolly Ranchers is the best way to go.

Ahhhh life at the beach.....

*Disclaimer: I don't recommend sporaticaly buying plane tickets to exotic places BEFORE speaking to your spouse- unless it's Patrick reading this and then the answer is yes Yes YES- I will always be happy with tickets to a beachy place.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Always check the balance :)

I think in every relationship there is one person who stresses and one who is more relaxed when it comes to finances. I am definatly the stressor. We had some unexpected bills this month which brought our total to $13 for 5 days in our bank account---woof. So needless to say I have been a TOUCH concerned with the how we are going to make ends meet. All the while, Patrick just keeps saying I know it's tight Keje but the Lord provides and has always been faithful. We've never gone without so no need to worry now. (Easier said than done!) Anywho so I was doing the laundry yesterday and found a walmart giftcard that had accidently gone through the wash and Patrick says "Oh just toss it- I don't think there is anything on here anyway"...we all know where this is going- Just to be sure I checked the balance and found out there was $60 on the card- that is WAY more than enough to get through til next pay day...I started crying and Patrick was like see babe- The Lord provides! :) Yes he does!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back in Action

As I look outside whilest writing this the sky is grey, the trees are blowing back and forth, and my love for North Idaho is being tested :) To say I am upset with the weather the last week would win understatement of the year. When we landed last Wednesday the always chipper flight attendant says "Ladies and Gentlemen, we at Southwest would like to be the first to welcome you to Spokane. The current weather is 48 degrees and the current time is 9:35a." And then she continues on her merry way like no big deal? All the while I am sitting in my seat going ummmm....WHAT?!!?!? Between Trish and I texting at one point we said we were sinning because we were so mad at the weather...How is it that something like the weather can have so much control over my mood?

Ok. Rant Over. I can't control this anymore than I can control the wild wiggle worm of a son we have :) Hopefully the weather man doesn't fail me because the forecast says on Wed it's supposed to be 78 and sunny so...there is hope yet!

In HAPPY news- East and I had the best visit to Colorado ever. It was so good to see family I haven't seen in YEARS (literally since our wedding four years ago!) and see my grandpa. I also got to spend some quality time with my mom and if you come from a big family you can relate- quality time during family vacations are rare. There is usually so much going on and kids running everywhere and figuring out logistics of how we are all going to get from point a to point b or what we are having for dinner etc. that there is minimal quiet one on one conversations (I must insert here that i truly do love the madness and chaos family vacations bring because with all the running around comes some of the best memories and the most hilarious stories ever!!) But this trip was different and Mom and I got to spend the whole drive to BV and whole drive back just chatting (Dad was in the car too but thoroughly enjoying some peace and quiet in the back haha).

We also had a bbq last night and got to play games and just hang out and have a good time. I love our friends and I Love Love Love living in a home we can have 16 people over no problem. It was so great to see everyone especially because I feel like once summer hits everyone is So busy it's so rare to all get together!

East is still army crawling everywhere and being wiggly and a busy body to a whole new level...any other moms out there- does this phase pass or is this the life of a little boy? I swear overnight he became this ball of energy! Thankfully he is sleeping longer at night so I get to recharge :) With all the energy his personality is coming out more and more everyday and it just melts my heart. He is such a funny little guy!

Speaking of someone just woke up from his nap so time to go get him :) Until next time....
His newst thing- he LOVES petting Ellie :) It's so cute at how much he lights up when she is around!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Already END of May?!

Oh my goodness- its already the end of May and the last time I wrote on here it was FEBRUARY!! How is that even possible? Time is flying...I write today because I am going to be completely honest, there is a  ton of housework that needs to get done but I am delaying the inevitable and finding it hard to get motivated to sweep and clean the house again (does anyone else feel like all they do is clean sometimes?? And East isn't even Mobile yet! Yipes!) I do love that now we are settled in the house we have definately had a chance to have more people over and entertain more. I am hoping that summer time equals tons of bbq's outside and the backyard will come together as more of a hang out place too. I am learning that when you buy your own house there is a never ending list of things that could be done to improve it and right now I am itching to get our backyard more hospitable. Not that its bad or anything- it just needs some tlc and a deck..and some patio furniture...and a garden...and a pergola (SEE?! My list just keeps getting longer) Patrick said I need to chose just one project to start at but they all seem to intertwine so I just can't make up my mind!! :)

Other news- East is getting ready to crawl, or at least I think he is (then again I have thought he was teething for the past ummm 2 months and we still have yet to cut any teeth! so it could just be wishful thinking!) Although Im going to be honest- I am not sure I am ready to  have him getting into everything. It's insanely hard as it is to keep the dog hair picked up and cords out of his reach.. I guess this is just another step in being a parent is learning how to accomodate right?

Work is goin well I have become a shift supervisor at the Starbucks and to be quiet honest it has worked out like a charm. Im working Mon Wed Fri (sometimes Sunday but rarely) and only working 16 hours a week. It's  nice to have some away Adult time and Patrick watches East when Im at work so we don't have to worry about childcare which is a huge blessing (mostly too because who would I be able to find to watch him when i go to work at 5a???) I thought i would hate working and being away but making coffee and hanging out with the people at work is something I look forward to *MOST days that is :)

I go to Denver next week and I am unbelievably excited. Although it's just me and East, Patrick can't take off work for that long-it will be great to see family and my grandpa is going to get to meet Easton for the first time!! There is something about now that we have East I find myself missing my momma and dad more and more.. There are so many day to day things I wish they could see and I want Easton to know them and have childhood memories of his Lita and Papa. But I know the Lord has us here for a reason and thank goodness for Skype.Guess this just means we have to make the most of visits down :)

Ok I have procrastinated long enough..the floors are calling my name and East will be waking up any minute so I should be capitalizing on getting stuff done now :) Until next time....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Catch up :)

I realize I haven't posted in a while so here is the happenings of life up North:

1. My sister in law HATES tan lines...she actually says she has a tan line phobia (which makes me giggle-Trish I love you and your quirks) I on the other hand LOVE tan lines...they are lines of proof that you aren't as white as you once you have somehow gotten better or something and have proof to show it :) Well as you all know winters in Idaho are wearing on me- so Meredith and I decided going to a tanning bed would be our best option for some UV rays. The process of us actually getting in a bed was long and quiet honestly hilarious (it involved us getting a tour of one nice tanning salon and getting excited we could tan there all to come to find out the place was actually $60 a month and we only had $20 to spend-so we left that place with our tails between our legs feeling like idiots and ventured to find somewhere else...aka somewhere not as expensive! Our second attempt was going to a place called Celestial tanning which we pulled up to find a "Business Closed" sign on the front door- I guess the tanning gods were against us or something...But determined we figured third times a charm and FINALLY today got to go. I will proudly admit I got a little burned (I know- it's weird...most people reading this are probably thinking isn't that a BAD thing? and to most yes- but to me it's like I am one step closer to not being a pastey white. So i will take my pink tint over ghost white any day! haha) ALL this to say it twas GLORIOUS to be under the lights and I felt so proud of my little (barely there) tan line :) :)
2. Easton is getting so big....he is giggling and smiling and grabbing toys and HOLDING them! Here are some of the latest pictures of him and the last one is a video.
 SEE I told you guys I am pastey white!! Bleh I need some sunshine!! Lets hope Lubbock pulls through for me when I go see Baby Evie and the girls beginning of March! I ran a game past Meredith the other day to play with my nieces that I could call "Egyptian princess" which would include one of them fanning me and the other re-filling my ice tea lemonade while I bask in the sunshine but then we figured that once I left my niece Kead would take that "game" to group and have other 2 and 3 year olds fan her and get her things and it would be an all around bad idea...although I couldn't stop laughing when I envision little Kead explaining to her momma why she is treating her sister like a bondservant because they were playing "Egyptian Princess" compliments of aunt kiji..
Patrick has started calling Easton "little bad guy" taken affectionately from my niece who has an imaginary friend Sunny her "little bad guy"...Makes me gigle every time I hear him say "Ah little bad guy do you just need a positive male role model in your life" (this is usually said when Easton is crying in his swing and wants to be held) hahaha.

 Again, proof I need a tan! Isn't East just the most handsome little boy you have ever seen?? I MAY be a bit bias....
 I love this one cause it shows Ellie snuggling us too....she is so good with him! They make quiet the pair! And please notice Easton transfixed on the television with little or no idea what is going on around him- he must have inherited the Ludwig gene here....
And here is a close up of Els just snuggling us :) What a good doggie!

3.Other BIG news is we closed on our house! HOPEFULLY we get keys tomorrow and then the real fun begins. The floors are actually in the house getting acclimated so we can put them in on Sunday, we picked up the paint tonight from home depot, ordered the tile for the countertops, got the cabinet re-finishing kit, still need to get the trim and oh yeah move all our stuff too :) We are SO excited and can't wait to have a place to call our own...Patrick and I have been watching DIY network pretty much every night and are excited to FINALLY get to work on our own projects instead of vicariously living through other peoples projects. Don't worry we will make sure to take a ton of before and after shots for you guys!!

Here is East before bed the other night just talkin and talkin to his daddy. We were watching Wheel of Easton was being such a ham we had to get it on video!

As you can see...he is loving to laugh. The other night he stayed in his crib for 25 min just blowin bubbles and laughing by himself. His personality is really developing and now I think we are getting more into the "fun" stage. Not that the newborn stage isn't fun but now he responds to peek-a-boo instead of just giving me that blank "mom are you nuts?" look :) I can't wait for when he is talking!!

PS- notice his one armed swaddle? For the most part he does ok with this but it takes twice as long to put him down cause his free hand flails about like he JUST realized he controls his arm movements and saves all his movement up for right before he naps or goes to bed :) The good news is he hasn't seemed to sleep LESS which was a huge concern. In time I am sure I will be able to do the other arm step at a time though!

Ok well I think that's news: check Easton update with included pictures and video: check Random/weird fact about me: check :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am blown away by how much people love on us sometimes. Perfect example was this week. Patrick and I have both been sick this week so as you all know that means essentially nothing but the criticals get done. So no grocery shopping, minimal laundry (except sheets and bedding cause Im afraid we are just passing it back and forth) but I really have been slackin when it comes to the "wife" stuff this week...anyone else have weeks like this?? Anywho, today a great friend of ours sends me a text that says "We are stopping by after church you guys have room in your freezer?" So Im thinkin oh how sweet they are bringing us a dinner. Oh how I underestimated that! Precious Jodi brought us SIX meals for our freezer...and not just your classic lasanga either! We got stuff like Bourbon chicken and Rice and Thai Peanut Pork. Woot Woot! It's like having a baby all over again but instead of having to have a reason to serve us, they saw we were down for the count and stepped up to help out. As of lately, I have really been examining what true community is and what that looks like and I just smile and Praise God when I get to see it in action. What a great example (and not to mention Patrick is thrilled cause I am pretty sure he doesn't have the same stamina to live off Ramen like I do haha). Although an act that seemed to be so little I really just need to put it out there and say it is that small stuff like taking care of fellow family goes a long long way. I urge any of you reading this to look for someone in your life that is struggling and do something, small or big, to help them out. Happy serving :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's been awhile...

I told you guys maintaining a blog would be hard...I guess I just know myself. I get really into something and then I am kinda into it..and then next thing you knowI haven't wrote anything for almost a month!Man...ok new years resolution- I will post once a week on the blog...maybe? haha.

Life has been getting settled back into the swing of things. We went to Denver Dec 27 so we really got the best of both worlds. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas up here with Patricks family (which his sisters got to come up from Boise so it was a treat to spend time with them!) and then got to do the whole day after Christmas shopping and then head over to Denver for a whole week. I have to say my family can sometimes be....a handful :) So I am happy to say with confidence this was the most successful family vacation we have had to date! We spent time playing games, seeing cousins and aunts, playing games, going to the aquarium, playing games, testing out the best Brookstone has to offer, and yup you guessed right- played some more games! Of all those things, I loved most the laughter of the kiddos. The cousins were so sweet to each other (most of the time) and it was mayhem (what do you expect with a 3 yr old two 2 yr olds and two >6mth babies??) but glorious. Highlights of the trip include: Singing my heart out on Rock Band...If you are reading this please don't underestimate what I mean..I was ROCKING OUT guys. At one point I introduced my bandmates (callin my hubby Patrick "the hottie" Annotti on bass haha) Something about having the mic in my hands...good times good times. Another highlight was just seeing my parents love on Easton. I miss them so much and it was so great to be able to stay at their house and visit before the mayhem started..kinda like the quiet before the storm :) And of course the annual drink competition was way up there (we WILL be starting this tradition up here in Northern ID so for all you who live close- start thinking of your entries for this summer!). Patrick actually got into it this year and we WON! I went all out and bought us Grinch t-shirts and jingle bell earrings and we used dry ice for our presentation of our drink "The Grinch" (aka-Melon Mojito-yummy!) All in all it was a great holiday season! Not stressful at all. Just great times with family. I hope yours was just as's to's gonna be good...I can feel it!